AC maintenance: what you need to know

How Air Conditioning Units work:

Air Conditioning Unit not only cools the air but also controls air humidity, air quality, and airflow inside the home. Repairing and maintaining an AC regularly will ensure that the unit runs smoothly for quite some time, saves money in the long run, and also keeps the air clean and pure. But first, it is crucial to learn the operating mechanism of an AC, so that you can take better care of it.

AC consists of two units, one is placed inside the room, and the other is placed outside. The inner unit is responsible for cooling the air in the room. It sucks the warm air and passes it over a cooling coil full of liquid refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs the heat and changes from liquid to gas. It then travels to the outer unit.

The outer unit compresses the refrigerant, releasing the heat to the outside air. As a result, the refrigerant turns back into a liquid and re-enters the inner unit. The cycle continues with the refrigerant carrying heat and humidity from the room to the outside air and maintaining the temperature set by the user.

How to maintain your AC:

Here are 3 easy tips to properly take care of your AC to keep its longevity and efficiency. Let’s take a look at them.

Clean the fins

Over time, fins can get clogged with dust particles which can affect the working efficiency of an AC unit. Hence, cleaning the fins regularly is critical. Before you can start with the cleaning, make sure to turn off the power supply to the unit. Next, use a screwdriver to take the top off and use an AC fin comb, which has soft bristles, to dust off any dust from the fin surface. Gently straighten the fins if they are bent. Do not apply more force than necessary as they are very delicate. To get the dirt out of the bottom of the unit, use a vacuum. Finally, apply a fin cleaner to the surface and gently rinse it off with a spray nozzle. Put the top back and turn on the power. Your AC is ready to go!

Replace the filter

The purpose of the filter is to keep out the dirt and debris from the AC equipment. Not changing the filter for a long time can cause wear and tear to the AC unit. Checking the filter every month during the peak season is the best practice to adopt. To change the filter, simply turn off the power to the AC and slide the filter out of its slot. Check the filter condition. It if does not look very dirty, it can probably be used for a few more days. However, if it is completely clogged with dirt, then change or clean the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Check the Drainage system

The drainage system transports the moisture from the air to the drainage. Its blockage can cause serious system malfunction, hence the need to keep the drainage clean and obstacle-free. To clean it, turn the power off and try to remove any visible matter from the pipe opening. Then, use a vacuum or a garden hose to unclog the drain. Test the pipe by pouring some clean water into it and checking its outflow. After unclogging, you can also clean the pipe by using a commercial cleaner. Now, turn on the AC and check if the drainage is working properly.

SpadesHome AC Maintenance:

Even after all the maintenance, AC failure can still occur in case of extreme weather like in Dubai. In such situations, hiring a professional is better than trying to troubleshoot the problem yourself. Luckily, SpadesHome provides excellent AC maintenance service with amazing packages. Our technicians are highly trained to provide our customers with the best service. SpadesHome deals with the following facets of AC maintenance.

  • Essential AC Cleaning
  • Deep AC Cleaning
  • Coil Cleaning
  • AC Diagnosis & Remedy

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