A Beginner’s Guide to Maintaining a Villa in Dubai

Are you thinking of buying a villa, but don’t know how to keep it in a good shape? Then this is just the place for you. This article will guide you on the basics of how to maintain a villa in Dubai. Dubai has a harsh climate which can be difficult for homes, but if you follow our guide, your villa would surely become a sight to behold.

The Ultimate Maintenance Checklist:

  • Landscaping

Landscaping maintenance means keeping the grounds of your property in a top-notch condition. It includes garden maintenance, exterior repair and painting, clean-up, lawn mowing, etc. Keeping the landscape maintained ensures that your home not only looks good but also has good surroundings.  

  • Swimming Pool

Swimming pools add beauty and charm to a villa, and keeping them prepped up is very important. From re-designing to maintenance, SpadesHome offers amazing services to keep your pool clean and shining.

  • Air Conditioning Units

AC units must work properly to maintain the clean and fresh air inside the villa. SpadesHome provides the following AC services to our customers:

  1. Essential AC Cleaning
  2. Deep AC Cleaning
  3. Coil Cleaning
  4. AC Diagnosis & Remedy
  5. Home Cleaning

A villa is undoubtedly difficult to clean. Be sure to hire a proper cleaning service for your villa, who can keep it maintained 24 hours and 7 days a week. Also, having deep cleaning and full house sanitization annually will improve its atmosphere and aesthetic.

  • Water tank

The water tank provides water for cleaning, washing, drinking, cooking, etc. Dirty water can lead to sickness, therefore it is better to clean the water tank at least once a year.

  • Plumbing

Proper working of water, sewer, or drain lines is necessary to keep the villa functioning. It is good to have the whole house’s plumbing checked at least once a year to keep the system in good condition and avoid problems later on.

  • Carpentry and Repairs

Furniture, doors, and windows may occasionally need repairs to keep them working smoothly. SpadesHome hires experts who are excellent at their job and can turn even the dullest piece of wood into something exciting. We also provide repairmen who can repair windows, doors, locks, dust insulation, joinery works and more.

  • Electrical

Maintaining electrical appliances, devices, and wiring is critical not only to the daily activities of a home but also to keep its residents safe and sound. Make sure to hire professional electricians annually to check your electrical fittings and appliances, and take preventive measures if necessary. 

  • Pest Control

Pest control is imperative because the many bugs and rodents scurrying about carry germs and diseases with them which can be dangerous to your health. It is good to call pest control experts before things get out of hand because prevention is better than cure.

  • Painting

Good paint will make your villa look luxurious and spectacular. Due to the harsh climate of Dubai, paints need special attention and care to make them last longer. Every 5-7 years is a good time to change paints, but if you see cracks appear sooner than that, do call professionals before it is too late.

Fortunately, SpadesHome is ready to assist you in this difficult work. Visit our page to look at our home maintenance packages. We are sure to have something for everyone.

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