Do you feel like the price figures are always going up? The constant rise in prices has made us all aware of the extra electricity we use. Reducing the electricity bill can be of immense help if you are trying to save money. These easy tips and tricks can help you to downsize energy expenses efficiently. 


  • Turn off your lights: 

Do you leave your room with the lights still on? This can add up in your bill over time if you are not careful. To save up on your electricity bill you need to make it a habit to switch off the lights when leaving rooms or your house. This is going to help in the long run.

  • Change your light bulbs:

If you haven’t switched to LED lightning yet, now is the best time to do it. LEDs are more efficient, and durable and use less energy to produce the same amount of light, which means you’ll save huge money on your energy bill annually.

  • Unplug your appliances:

You need to consider unplugging your appliances after you are done using them. Standby power is the energy or electric power consumed by electrical appliances even while they are switched off, increasing your annual electrical bill. Unplugging can reduce this ‘Phantom load’.

  • Install dimmer switches:

Dimmer switches will be a great addition to your house. With dimmers, you can set the tone and the brightness of the room according to your needs. Dimmers can reduce lighting wattage and save extra electricity.

  • Make use of off-peak times:

We live in a world of an ever-increasing number of gadgets, with their usage resulting in higher energy prices. Find out about off-peak hours from your utility providers and make sure you do energy-intensive chores during that certain time to make it less expensive. 

  • Air dry:

Use nature to your advantage and air dry your clothes on a clothesline. Furthermore, opt out of the ‘heat-dry dishes’ option in your dishwasher, but let them air dry as well.

  • Buy smart:

Buy energy-efficient models of different appliances. They result in long-term savings as well as use less energy to run.

  • Smart power strips:

Some gadgets always need a small amount of power because they don’t often shut off completely. Installing smart power strips is the best way to cut off the flow of current thus reducing the constant add-up of power.

  • Do an energy audit:

You can also ask your utility provider to conduct an energy audit for you so that some additional ways can be identified to reduce the energy usage and thus your electricity bill.

  • Use the sun:

Going solar is an excellent option. Although the initial investment is somewhat expensive, it is the most suitable way to make use of nature and cut down massively on the electrical expenses.

Heating and cooling:

  • Fix insulation:

Assess all the spots in your home that lack good insulation and work on the upgrade. Sealing the door frames and window frames as well as cleaning all the air ducts can help in preventing drafts and energy to seep out. Less energy to heat the heat or cool the rooms would be needed now.  

  • Programmable thermostat:

Heating and cooling systems are the biggest consumers of energy in our homes. Another way to save on your electricity bill can be with proper installation and maintenance of programmable thermostats which can be adjusted according to your needs with the comfort of your smart devices. 


  • Efficient use of water:

Your dishwasher might be a great consumer of electricity so why not give it a rest and switch to washing your dishes by hand. Instead of washing clothes in hot water, which again consumes a lot of energy, try to do your laundry in cold water thus efficiently cutting down on your electricity bill.

  • Adjust the temperature:

To conserve energy usage, lower the temperature of your heater according to your needs. Similarly, adjust the temperature of the refrigerator so that the food remains fresh and your fridge doesn’t have to work extra hard.

All these little tweaks are going to add up and in the long run, are going to be beneficial for reducing your electricity bills. There are several opportunities to reduce your power consumption, so look for creative ways to do it and reassess your habits.

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